The Rumor Mill - Week 14

We spend week 14 of The Rumor Mill on stage! From performances in taverns, to entertaining fellow sailor on board ships in the harbor, to the College stage in the Philosopher's Stone, to showing off for customers, to the big hall of the Grand Odeon, performances knit life in Fellport into the rich tapestry that brings people together, smashing ideas and cultures into a rich learning environment. All performances carry their own share of drama, whether that's the play's dialogue, the song's structure, or jealousy among the performers.

So join us as we gather the scuttlebutt about performers and venues throughout Fellport, this city at the crossroads of the world.

1For a cheap dinner and a show, catch Mel at the Happy Bowl for a good time.Yes1
2The Folio Fools unofficially run the Lecture Hall Stage in the Philosopher's Stone.Maybe2
3Only the most popular performers get to play the Steinkellar in the Underground.No3
4Booking stage time at the Grand Odeon is ridiculously expensive.Maybe4
5If you can sing or play an instrument, most ship captains will pay you a little extra.Yes5
6Performing on the street in Fellport will get you in trouble in a hurry.Maybe6
7You can always hear music coming from the Artist's Quarter all night long.No7
8Shows by the Lorekeepers entertain with history, music, poetry, dance, and art.Yes8

1 - Mel usually juggles, jokes, and performs at the Happy Bowl, his food stall, and his ramen bowls always taste great.
2 - The Folio Fools are the College drama club, who stage at least 4 plays per year. Ash books musical acts the rest of the time.
3 - Karanog will book unknown acts, particularly during slow nights. Anything to keep the crowds dancing and drinks flowing.
4 - Bert offers smaller Odeon rooms for reasonable rates, and he might charge less if you entertain him with a private show.
5 - Entertainment on long sea voyages makes the time pass quicker, so this is a common tip in Valor and Sword Bard circles.
6 - Street performances aren't illegal in Fellport, though some groups "own" lucrative performance spots and will defend them.
7 - The Monk of Paint knows every bard in town and occasionally organizes parties for premieres, but that's not every night.
8 - The Lorekeepers are the bardic College of Lore presence at the College. Most of their performances are graduate dissertations.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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