The Rumor Mill - Week 2

It turns out I love a footnote. Most rumors will have a grain of truth to them, but the pearl it creates from that grain gets lopsided, discolored, and just plain different. A little explanation goes a long way, so rather than skirting the line between True and Sorta-True with a single word, I'm going to keep doing footnotes for everything. EVERYTHING. Yes, it makes entries harder to read, but I want to capture nuance for some of these ideas.

Here we go with week 2. These rumors can be heard on the streets and many bars in Fellport, as it serves a wide variety of people from across the world.

1The new Cochrane Ironcalf book is coming. It's been 4 years since the last one.Yes1
2Sariel runs a cult out of the Council House. Does the Council know?Maybe2
3Alton Stonehollow killed a noble of the Molten Throne for his necklace.No3
4The pirate Oya Stormqueen sneaks into town to meet her lover Vadym Burza.Maybe4
5The Monk of Paint can match any shade and paint things into existence.Yes5
6Someone cursed Ashley Macmillan, and that's why she's stuck in a wheelchair.No6
7Deciphering the graffiti in Highgarden will tell you how to summon a demon.No7
8Celebrities go to the Steinkellar to be seen. It has several secret exits for privacy.Yes8

1 - Cochrane Ironcalf, Prisoner of Moloch's Zealot will mysteriously appear in bookstores overnight sometime soon.
2 - Tor-Sariel does have a higher calling than just Steward of the Council House, and her informants might resemble a cult.
3 - Alton received the platinum geode in exchange for a ring of fire resistance, 3 potions of water breathing, and a bag of scrolls.
4 - They have been friends since they met in the orphanage back in Imzilut, and they meet often, but they are not lovers.
5 - Lynn Sanders painted her way to world-wide fame as a Bard of Creation before semi-retiring in Fellport. Totally true.
6 - She's cagey about sharing details about the day the owlbears destroyed her party, but nobody has found evidence of a curse.
7 - Nobody has deciphered anything useful from that Sylvan graffiti yet. I bet you'd summon an elemental instead of a demon.
8 - Most celebrities travel by teleport for maximum discretion and security. The Raceway exit isn't glamrous by any stretch.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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