The Rumor Mill - Week 21

War comes to Fellport for week 21 of The Rumor Mill, or at least the stories and rumors about wars beyond the current Ionian aggression at the walls. The harbor has seen everything from the Dragon Arena before the city's founding to trade wars against countries across the Small Sea. Okulari raiders once sacked the city, and many blame the Soggy Zealots (a derogatory nickname) from Nelendi's Holy City of Nenaer for the Godstorm.

Yes, it's Memorial Day in the United States, which started as a day to remember those soldiers and sailors who fell fighting for what they believed in, and that's a fine theme for today's Rumor Mill.

1Hundreds of ships sank in the trade wars between Ionia, Andalusia, and Occitanie.Yes1
2Before the dragons left, they used the sky above the harbor as a combat arena.Maybe2
3The Okulari coveted Ionian lands, which started the Steppe Campaign.No3
4The Fellport Watch maintains a monument with complete list of members lost.Maybe4
5Nelendi zealots of the sea goddess Shuimu destroyed the Mithraeum.Yes5
6The shortest war in Fellport involved the Moto Nui, who declared war for 2 hours.Maybe6
7Hostilities with the Barbary Corsairs have exploded in the past decade.No7
8Dunhill's Unity Army fought the Ionian legions back to Fellport before the treaty.Yes8

1 - Fellport used the trade wars as political and diplomatic cover to declare independence from Ionia 120 years ago.
2 - Many bad omens visited Fellport prior to human settlement. Nobody knows if dragon fights were regular occurrences or not.
3 - Okulari Akincilar specialize in fast raids for plundering towns, not occupying and ruling towns. Ionians attacked the Okulari.
4 - It's a magical scrolling plaque containing the names of those Watchfolk killed over the past 20 years. The full list is archived.
5 - The Soggy Zealots destroyed it with earthquake 200 years ago. Later they tried to destroy the Divinity Sanctum, but failed.
6 - They docked, performed, then established an embassy, so was it war? Alfinwald declared war for 7 hours during independence.
7 - Barbary lies north past Dunhill, so they're too distant for war. Pirates cause problems, but no more than usual. Personal loss?
8 - The unified Bratach soldiers pushed the legions out of Dunhill and signed a treaty at Fellport to end the Bog Campaign.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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