Arr! Winter Be Comin': Thanks for the mentions!

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

To celebrate, I thought I'd get together a page to thank people who have mentioned the Winter Is Coming Festival on their blogs. I'll add more links as I find other links, so if you find a mention or if you mentioned Winter Is Coming yourself you can comment here or let me know via Twitter (@twwombat). I'd track twitter mentions as well, but I'd go completely batty trying to keep up with it. Suffice to say thank you for all the retweets and mentions!

I do want to specifically mention @blindgeekuk, who has been an unflagging supporter in word and deed since the start, and without whom Winter Is Coming might not even exist. I also want to shout out to @markmeredith, who volunteered to design and within a day publish the perfect stark logo for the event, pun fully and cheerfully intended.

I appreciate every mention given. Getting the word out isn't so much about tooting your own horn as it is about others, and I'm grateful for you exerting the effort, however trivial you may think it is, to help promote Winter Is Coming. Thank you!

Mentions on Other Sites

See the entries in the Winter Is Coming RPG Blog Festival.

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