[WiC] The Endless Winter

Guest blogger David Flor of Walk in the Dark brings us this detailed professional-quality D&D 4E Paragon adventure. At 43 pages, this is the largest submission to Winter Is Coming, and it's a pleasure to read.
Part of the Winter Is Coming RPG Blog Festival.

The winter in and around the city of Mysara has been particularly harsh this year. Normally they got moderately low temperatures and a little snow, but this year has been brutal: frigid cold temperatures, several feet of snow and miserable conditions. It has caused the death of dozens and the destruction of crops that the residents depend on for survival.

The residents of Mysara counted the days until Spring, but it never came. If anything, the freezing conditions continued to get worse. The leadership of the city came to the conclusion that this was not natural, and some higher power was the cause. After some rituals to determine the source, the mages of the city came to the conclusion that it all emanates from deep within the mountains in an abandoned keep known as Whiteforge.

Lord Tyras Silverleaf, governor of the city of Mysara, commanded his son Derran to gather his best troops and set out to find the source of the climate change. Two weeks passed and they group has not been heard from since.

Not only is Lord Tyras desperate to hear news about his only son, but the winter continues to get colder and is a serious threat to the future of the city of Mysara.

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