[WiC] Storm Caller Theme

Create arcane spellcasters with an affinity for weather control with this D&D 4E theme from guest blogger Adam Page.
Part of the Winter Is Coming RPG Blog Festival.

Storm Callers are arcane beings who have learned how to harness their magical powers to influence the weather around them. Some say they are descended from primitive bards whose chants formed rain clouds, others claim they were once alchemists experimenting with seeding the air with their concoctions. While a storm singer’s magic is powerful, its true power is best seen when they are in the arctic Winterlands, where the wind blows blinding blizzards down the mountainsides, and where a simple rainstorm can kill a valley’s worth of creatures.

Creating a Storm Caller
The source of a storm caller’s power is obvious; they bind arcane forces into words and songs that control the winds and clouds, whipping them into frenzied tornadoes and storms of stinging bolts of magic imbued water.
Prerequisite: To take this theme, you must be a member of a class with the arcane power source.

Starting Feature
A storm caller's arsenal of spells relies on one simple power, their ability to harness and call forth storms. From this phrase or item, they simply add to the spell, causing it to change the weather effects they have conjured.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Nature checks and gain the Storms Calling power.

Storms Calling
"You whip the air around you into a frenzied storm that lifts objects from the ground to strike at their exposed skin."
Encounter * Arcane, Implement, Force, Reliable
Standard * Close Blast 3
Target: 1, 2 or 3 creatures in the blast
Attack: Highest ability modifier vs Reflex
Hit: 2d4 force damage.

Additional Features

Level 5 Feature
As the Storm Singer gains in experience, so too do they gain in knowledge and control of weather. Their magical abilities allow them to add effects to the howling winds they conjure.
Benefit: When you use your Storms Calling power, you can choose one of the following additional effects to be applied on a hit.

Gusting Winds
Hit: In addition to the standard force damage, you can slide the target up to 3 squares

Thunder Slam
Hit: The damage becomes force and thunder, and you can knock the target prone.

Winters Chill
Hit: The damage becomes force and cold, and the target is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Swirling Static
Hit: The damage becomes force and lightning, and the target grants combat advantage to the next creature to attack it.

Level 10 Feature
Years of controlling weather allows you to spot the changing winds and rain patterns, and to create more powerful storms.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Perception checks and a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with your Storm Calling power.

Optional Powers

Level 2 Utility Power
While a storm caller works alone to harness nature, they must be mindful of their allies who are often exposed to the elements and at risk of suffering in the brutal wind and rain the storm caller feels at home in.

Climate Tolerance
"The winds around your allies lessen slightly, giving them time to recover."
Encounter * Arcane, Healing
Free Action * Close Burst 3
Target: All allies in burst
Effect: Each ally can make an endurance check with a +2 power bonus. If they succeed in the check, they can temporary hit points equal to their constitution modifier.

Level 6 Utility Power
Being a storm caller is not without danger. To fully harness nature they must stand out in the full fury of a storm, exposed to the ferocity of its winds, the chill of its rain, and the risk of electrocution.

Natures Resistance
"You learn how to withstand nature’s fury."
Encounter * Arcane
Free Action * Personal
Trigger: You use your Storms Calling power
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you gain resistance to the damage types inflicted by your Storms Calling power, equal to 1 + your highest ability modifier.

Level 10 Utility Power
Winds constantly swirl around you as your control over storms reaching a critical point. Foes struggle to attack you, and should they hit the storms swell without your command, striking back with their gusting fury.

Storms Vengeance
"As a blow strikes you, the storms you have controlled reform, striking back."
Daily * Arcane
Immediate Reaction * Personal
Special: You must have expended your Storms Calling power.
Trigger: You are bloodied by an attack
Effect: You regain the use of your Storms Calling power and use it as a Free action.

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