[NaGaDeMon] Counting Coup and Editing

Day 15: Half past the challenge.

Counting Coup
I did some thinking about the Coup action, specifically about what happens when the Government of a hex resists a Coup attempt. First, the Government is stuck at a d6. I think that low power reflects the fact that it's easier to take control than to keep it. It works well with Bolster and Defend spells, which will bring the Government up to a d8+2. Arcane holdings are a Government's best friend.

And yes, if a holding attempting to take over the government is foolish enough to attack twice and lose both times, it will destroy itself and convert to a new holding under the control of the hex's controller. It's cool to think about, but I doubt that will ever happen in the game as it stands. Taking over a hex takes your whole season. Declare War in Month 1, then 2 Coup successes to take over the hex. If the first one fails, you're better off waiting until next season and Expanding this season instead of risking your holding for zero return. Though maybe an optional "Double Down" rule would make that risk worth taking?

Current Status
I've got 5 pages of rules written up, and I think it's usable. It needs polish, but I want to make sure the base game functions before adding the trim and embellishments. I made a quick cheat sheet for actions, income, and spells, so that'll be handy for player reference. The hexes, cubes, and other wooden components are good. The only thing left is the other 11 hex dividers.

I took a few minutes last night and cut out some cardstock blanks (3" x 3/4") to whittle down for the rest of the hex dividers. If I can make a plastic jig as a cutting guide, Jacques The Knife will cut again and I should have the shapes done in about 15 minutes. Then to mark them up and assemble them, and we're good to play.

I monkeyed with Inkscape for a bit to make a divider template image. I got frustrated quickly, so I decided to do the rest by hand so I can play. I'll get a downloadable and printable version of the hex dividers later.
Peasant Revolt!
(My Economic-3 holding will
Coup against the Governnment
for control of the hex.)

It's still looking good for a solo playtest this weekend sometime. Then make the inevitable edits, whip up a hex divider cutout template, and I can get a playtest version online for downloading.


On Editing
I also posted in the Facebook group that I'm willing to edit games from fellow NaGaDeMon slayers. (Yes, I just found the typo in that posting and posted a comment about that irony.) If you're interested, get in touch with me. I can at the very least give your game a once-over and get you some feedback/proofreading for free. If you want to really dig in and polish your game for publication, let's talk. Either way, give me a shout and we'll go from there.

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