[NaGaDeMon] Prototype: Hex Divider

I made a hex divider by freehand cutting a sheet of cardstock. It looks like this:

Red owns the hex, and has maxed out the Free Guild with an Economic-5 holding. Blue is making a play for the hearts and minds of the people with a Religious-2 holding, and Green is in a good spot to be a spoiler with a Arcane-2 holding.

I've settled on making each divider spell out MARE reading clockwise, for Military, Arcane, Religious, and Economic. I really like the supported cube in the middle of the hex to indicate ownership. I wasn't sure how it would work, but it seems really stable.

Yes, it may get a little busy with several cubes in there, but I think it'll work OK. This'll be easier to handle as a mobile app, and yes, the gears are already turning in that direction in my head. (Repeat the mantra: Basic Game First.)

Now to make a template sheet so I can print it and easily make another dozen of these things.


  1. That looks great! Can't really see much you could to improve it either, jut plain cardboard seems to support the middle cube nice and easy, and allows for all the info you need to be easily read by the other players. Possibly a slightly bolder pen line for the MARE lettering, but other than that, it's looking good.

    1. Thanks! The basic design is all good, though I'll definitely play with ornamentation and font face/size when I make an image file out of it.