So I Wrote a Kickstarter Bonus...

If you haven't looked at the Deck of Legends Kickstarter, please do so now. It's being created by an artist I featured in a previous Art Spotlight article and fellow member of the Gamer Assembly Kaitlynn Peavler (aka @thedandmom).

You've got about 2 weeks left to pledge and get a kickass tarot-sized deck or two. It's only $15 for one deck, but there are still opportunities to design jokers. As of this writing, we're spitting distance from releasing all the art under a Creative Commons license. So become a backer and tell your friends, as we're still a ways off from opening the poker deck option. If 300 people pledge there will be a 5th suit (Cosmic) added to all decks at no extra cost.

Here's a look at the different deck options.

I wrote up a list of effects, one for each card in a manner strikingly similar to a certain Minor Artifact, and called it the Deck of Many Legends. It's available for backers to download for free; check out Update #16 for the download link. I'll make sure it's available to non-Kickstarter folks at some point after the deck comes out. You can use it with a regular deck of cards while waiting for your Deck of Legends, but the art and the effects have started feeding off of each other in a very cool symbiosis.
Here's a sample of some of the art.
More cards are finished every week.

I wanted to keep the effects vague so the Deck of Many Legends could be used in a variety of systems. It obviously has D&D roots, as it mentions bonuses to ability scores, but the effects are open to a wide variety of interpretations.

The Star suit will add science fiction flavored effects and art.

Some of the effects could seriously change or even kill a campaign, but hopefully the built-in vagueness will prevent any cataclysmic effects. I encourage you to talk through any potentially game-damaging effects with everyone at the table so your campaign survives.

The Coven will answer
one vexing question.

Like the Deck of Legends itself, the Deck of Many Legends is meant to inspire creativity. I welcome feedback, as it'll help improve the list when I go back and edit it before general release. If you use it in your game, please let me know how it goes.

I invite you to go pledge if you haven't already.

Thanks for reading!

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