Lord Winter's Breath

We're over 2 years out from the Winter Is Coming blogfest, but no matter. I won't tell if you won't. And the weather today inspired me to write a little something in that vein.

For those of you needing a wintry adventure seed sung by bards of old in your game, please feel free to use this plea for help in sonnet form:
Snow Giant, courtesy of symatt
"Snow Giant"
Courtesy of symatt

Lord Winter's Breath
Green Forest shivers 'neath her blanket white,
Tall Elder shakes his shining silver hair.
Our village bleeds from weather's icy bite;
The Solstice gives no hope of warmer air.
Go mount the hill, O Travellers from afar,
And spy His mouth on yonder wind-swept crag,
But tarry not too long in cheerful bar,
For aid awaits within the Cursed Stag.
Thy climbing numbs thy limbs with sharpest cold,
But seekest not to harm the Lord with fire;
To free us from His wrath, O Travellers bold,
Thou must embrace, deny thy false desire.
    Lord Winter's Breath emits from icy deeps,
    From dormant Earth, Spring's touch he jealous keeps.

After writing this on the train this morning, I'm starting to think in Iambic Pentameter. And rhyming couplets.

I'm proud to use my bachelor's degree
For something other than a fancy hat.
For rhyming couplets are both fun and free!
I think I shall content myself with that.

Thanks for reading!

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