Creating Things

I haven't created a map yet this week, but I plan to this weekend. Work has been flat out with a data migration that got pushed from yesterday to sometime next week. It's taking a while to conclusively figure out why some money is being left on the migration room floor, and there's plenty of work yet to be done. So yeah, it's been a little busy in WombatWorkLand lately. Whee!

If only incubating ideas were this simple.
In the meanwhile, I've been floating an idea for a game product past a few friends. It's gotten generally positive feedback so far, so I'm moving on to hacking design issues and getting a prototype together. Getting everything to fit in a way that makes sense will probably be a challenge, but that's why we iterate through the design process.

Yes, I'm vaguebooking about this, but I want to have something a little more solid before I share it with a wider audience. That said, if you want to be involved with the process, drop me a line and I'll add you to the my Idea Incubation circle on G+.

I don't know how quickly things will happen, as there's a time investment I need to make, but hopefully I can get something together to demo in September. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

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