TAS Memo: Vagabond Travellers

Early 10 Ton Vagabond Pod Prototype.
By Johantheghost - CC BY-SA


For immediate distribution as of 314-1066.

To: All Society Staff
Re: Vagabond Travellers


It has come to our attention that a movement called Vagabonding is capturing our membership's collective imagination at an impressive rate. These Vagabond Travellers, so called because they ship themselves around the galaxy as cargo in sealed habitat modules, have recently made requests of the Society on several worlds to help procure safe and reasonably-priced storage facilities.

This memorandum will inform all TAS staff on the official stance toward Vagabonds.

It is the opinion of the Society Regents that every reasonable effort should be made to accommodate these requests for space and power at all TAS Facilities. The Society currently lacks the infrastructure to directly provide storage space and power for these habitat containers, though we have initiated discussions to install pilot programs at a select few Facilities to determine the feasibility of altering our provided services in the future.

Facility Chiefs are encouraged to reach out to planetside warehouses and determine if they can provide sufficient power (see attached document detailing the PodIP Vagabond Pod). Facility Chiefs are further encouraged to broker weekly rental agreements on behalf of our Vagabond members, should the need arise. As always, the ultimate decision power rests with the Facility Chief, but any complaint from a Vagabond member citing obstruction on the part of any TAS staff member shall be vigorously investigated.

This Vagabond phenomenon represents uncharted waters, subverting the accepted methods of space travel. Tread carefully and keep an open mind. We serve at the pleasure of our membership, so as always do your utmost to provide every member with immediate and impeccable service.

Yours in service,

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