Personal Note: Sudden Proliferation

I'm not used to having 4 posts in the hopper waiting for publication. (OK, 2 and two that are almost done. Curse my inevitable exaggeration.) But there they are. And this one makes 5. So I'll shoot to publish a post a day this week.

Over the winter I was lucky if I had inspiration for an article a month. Spring showed up and brought a bounty of ideas with it. So here I sit, swimming in ideas and actually carving out the time to develop and record them.

It feels glorious.

Where did this sudden proliferation come from? I don't know. Furthermore, the question is a rabbit hole that diverts me from the point: making more stuff. It's the proverbial mouth of the gift horse, so I'll stop looking.

Will anyone use what I'm writing? I will, and that's enough. If you get some mileage out of it, awesome. If not, I'm OK with that.

Maybe Tenkar's approach of a bunch of little light blog posts makes sense. Who knew? I'm used to density, as that's the way I think, but maybe I'll lighten things up and rhapsodize a bit more. Like I'm doing right now.

Just wanted to let y'all know where my head is. (Still firmly atop my neck.)

Until next we meet, carry on!

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