Tempus Fugit

no credited illustrator, author Alfred Gatty (1809-1873), published by Bell and Daldy, London [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
It's been a year to the day since my last post here. That's enough silence, and enough waiting for the rest of life to settle down. High time I started writing again, so buckle up.

I could make empty promises that I'll post something at least monthly, and then summer will happen and I'll drop off the face of the earth for a few months. So I won't. I'll just say I'll post when I feel moved to post and go from there.

For those of you still out there and reading along: Thanks for sticking with it. Or for the laziness in not cleaning up your dead blog links. Whichever, the end result is the same.

I've got a few irons in the fire currently...

The Ice Hound Cometh
I co-created a short winter-themed adventure with Brent and Matt. We're releasing it as a Gamer Assembly production, and we've got a couple other ideas for more one-shots in the future. It'll start as Pay What You Want on DriveThru, but we want to expand it based on feedback from people who purchase it. We're thinking of releasing it on Monday 04 Feb 2019, and I'll post the cover and link here when it's available. I'll get into the philosophy and a behind the scenes look at making the adventure in a separate post, hopefully sometime later this week/weekend.

Bolthaven Folios
Inspired by the modular nature of rules and Kickstarter's Zine Quest tribute to old school RPG zines in February 2019, I'm going to throw my hat into the ring and see what happens. Each issue will be a true folio - a single page folded to make a 4-page booklet - containing a simple bolt-on rule subsystem for traditional RPGs like D&D 5e, DCC, and other Retroclones. I'm thinking of covering topics such as Honor, Corruption, Sanity, maintaining a Base, effects of Nobility, Economy rules for settlements, using Influence to change the world, and Equipment Damage. I'll figure out what to start with and get that on paper, hopefully kicking off around mid-February.

And in the Other Cool Stuff category...

If you're interested in marketing your game, I highly recommend listening to the GMS Magazine podcast where Paco Jaen interviews Ed Healy of Gamerati. Since marketing is Ed's job, he shares some great points and things to think about. One gem: once you figure out what it'll take for you to complete a project, multiply your budget by 2 and the time needed by 3.

I'll tell you, it feels good to write again. Just taking some time and stringing words together on a virtual page feels like coming home.

Now to find a better seat than this stool. But that's for later.

Thank you for reading, and I'll catch you again soon.

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