Winter Is Coming: Feedback and Discussion

The festival has started. Posts are live on the main page. I encourage you to read and comment on all the articles submitted as part of Winter Is Coming and provide feedback to the participants on the article pages themselves.

Participants submitting articles need to go to the Submission Page and comment there to tell me where to find your article. Every article URL that I need to find on my own will cost me 1d4 Sanity, and given I was crazy enough to host this thing in the first place you know I don't have the points to spare. Please be kind and use the Submission Page.

Anyone who has blogged about Winter Is Coming or documented the process of creating something for the festival can have their mentions listed on the Mentions Page. I've been doing the occasional Google search and posting what I can find, but if you want to be listed please tell me where to find your mention.

If you have any other feedback or discussion about the festival itself, please comment on this post.

Please enjoy Winter Is Coming!


  1. Adam Page (@blindgeekuk)Fri Sep 23, 06:20:00 AM

    Claws of the Yeti: I'm not a 3e/pathfinder player, but this would be fairly easy to adapt to 4e. I love the flavour text at the start

    Dark Winter Adventure Aid: The author has put a lot of effort into this, and their own world, and I like the fact they included good 'conversion' notes.

  2. This is exactly the kind of feedback I'd like to see posted on the article pages themselves. One of the goals is to get feedback on articles, and that feedback should go directly to the authors.

    If we can save this page for more general feedback about the structure of the festival, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. I was originally going to post an entry for this carnival, but the tone of this statement:

    "Before Signing Up, Be Thou Warned:
    1) I reserve the right to play Editor on Guest Posts and to delete links to crap articles. I won't publish any changes without author approval.
    2) Bring your best to this festival. You're showing off your work to the world. I'm sure "ICE DRAGGINZ IS AWESUM!" works for your friends, but consider that someone out there wants to use your work in their game. Let them. Please keep your writing focused, readable, clean and tight."

    deflated any enthusiasm I had for joining this carnival.

    I don't write "ICE DRAGGINZ IS AWESUM!" works, nor do I write 'crap articles'. Your default assumption seems to be that RPG bloggers do this, which in my experience has not been the case.

    I'm glad that you've had an excellent turnout for this carnival and applaud your efforts. However, I can't help but think that you would have had even more people turn out if you hadn't added that unnecessarily belligerent statement to your "Welcome!" post.

  4. Excellent feedback. It's hard to fix what I don't know is broken, so thank you for sharing.

    I apologize for my offense. Belligerence was far from my intention. I understand how you read it and I can see that I may have been a bit too harsh in my wording. Most of all I'm sorry that you decided not to join in. This is about drawing the community together and hearing your feedback makes me think that I've missed the mark even before the festival started.

    This is my first time attempting something like this. I had zero expectations about the audience I was going to reach, especially since one of my goals was to give people without blogs the chance to post something and get feedback from the online community. I wanted to give everyone fair warning that I was looking for solid, readable content and not a list of notes scribbled on a virtual napkin. So I decided to go for a joke. Apparently, that attempt fell flat.

    There are so many great RPG bloggers out there, yourself included. I know you don't write on the level of "ICE DRAGGINZ". No established bloggers do since they'll fade into obscurity very quickly. I was hoping to dig up new voices who don't have a blogging venue, and I can't know if any potential participant has even read any of the stellar content on an established blog. I needed a way to set the bar, and I chose this way to express it.

    I hope you understand my motivation, and I hope you'll accept my apology.

    If all goes well, I may do another themed festival in the next few months. Could I bounce some ideas off of you about different ways to express this sentiment after Winter Is Coming wraps up?

  5. Perhaps just be firm, rather than joke about it. Explain that you want people to do their best and to come up with creative, polished ideas, rather than posting...well, "a list of notes scribbled on a virtual napkin." I think that's a good, and honest, way to put it to the public.