[NaGaDeMon] Domo: Download and Summary

A winner is me!
I think I've slain the NaGa DeMon for 2012, but Domo is far from done. I've got a playable prototype, and I've updated the rules based on issues uncovered in the Alpha Playtest. I tweaked the costs to hopefully prevent the resource stockpiles, but these changes need to be played with to make sure they work.

I technically beat the challenge, but that doesn't mean we're ready for prime time yet.

Downloading Domo
For those of you who want to play Domo or tinker with the rules, you can download Domo Rules v0.7.docx. It's 27K, so don't blink or you'll miss the download.

No, the rules ain't pretty; it's still a playtest document. I still need to add examples for clarity and flavor fiction just because. I included a list of where I got the components for my playtest. I'll see if I can get a hex divider template together for download sometime soonish, but no guarantees. You can play on hex paper or run it via email (if you're interested in playing via email let me know), but I prefer the feel of moving pieces around and seeing how the physical map stacks up.

If you play a game of Domo or even just read the rules, please let me know what you think. Feedback is welcome, and it will only improve things.

Tin Ear Game Design Contest
For those of you interested in a game design contest with props, check out the Tin Ear Game Design Contest. Get those tins ordered and pull your game together by January 31, 2013.

The Archive
In the interest of keeping an archive of this month's activities in one easy-to-view list, here's a link to every blog post about Domo made during NaGaDeMon 2012. Read the three posts about the Alpha Playtest if you want to see rules tweaking in action annotated with italicized asides.

Now get out there and design more coolness to play.

As always, thanks for reading!

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